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Our Top Offshore Bookkeepers & Accountants are Ready to Join Your Team

We will offshore the top professionals outsourced bookkeepers, accountants and CPAs for your company, to address your business requirements and job description, cutting more than 50-70% of your costs. Costs start from less than US $8/hour and US $1,500/month

whether you are a small business, mid-size or corporate companies, private business or a listed company, CPA or accounting firm, we have the outsourced bookkeeping and accounting solutions for you and will define and tailor the best fit to suit your needs and support your business growth.

We work globally and can support various business sectors, geographies, and accounting and taxation regulations.


Complete Range of Outsourced Bookkeeping and Accounting Experts For Your Company

✔ Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable Bookkeepers

✔ Mid-Level Bookkeeper

✔ Senior Bookkeeper / Accountant

✔ Controllers

✔ Finance Directors

✔ Tax Experts

✔ FP&A / Financial Analysts

360° Offshore Outsourced Bookkeeping & Accounting Services Expertise

✔ Accounts Receivable - billing and collection, AR reconciliation, aging reports, checks and credit cards, and customers accounting contact point

✔ Accounts Payable - posting and matching AP invoices, AP reconciliation, preparing payments in all payment modes, and vendors accounting contact point

✔ Full Charge Bookkeeping - trial balance/ledger maintenance, debit/credit maintenance, allocations and inter-company accounts, and month/quarter/annual cutoff date closing

✔ Payroll - payroll processing and accounting

✔ Taxation - income tax, VAT, GST, sales/use tax, and tax returns

✔ Financial Reporting and Management Accounts - P&L, balance sheets, cash flow reports, other management accounts, and customized reports, in accordance with your reporting standards (US GAAP, IFRS, FRS, or other local mandatory standards)

✔ Financial Planning & Analysis - budget and planning, financial analysis, pricing, and costing


Top Level Profile

✔ We attract and retain our offshore team members by high standards and attractive compensation packages to ensure the best specialists for our clients

✔ All our offshore team members have university degrees in accounting

✔ In the Philippines, accounting studies are based on US/International GAAP,

✔ Fluent English speakers

✔ Certified bookkeepers, chartered accountants, and CPAs

✔ All team members pass our background checks, skills, psychological, and aptitude assessments

✔ Experienced, motivated, and quick learners

✔ Business and service-oriented

Updated with Common Accounting Software

✔ QuickBooks

✔ Xero

✔ NetSuite


✔ Peachtree


✔ Other


Localization Layer Tailored for Your Geography

✔ Recruiting offshore team members that are experienced in your country specifics (language, taxation, payroll, accounting software, regulations, US GAAP/IFRS/FRS, and other)

✔ Support foreign language documentation (invoices, correspondence, and other) by OCR tools and translation tools

✔ Support country specifics (language, taxation, payroll, accounting software, regulations) by training and by local team experts

Specialized in Diverse Business Sectors

✔ High-tech sector and start-ups

✔ Global companies

✔ Manufacturing

✔ Retail and eCommerce

✔ Outsourced bookkeeping for small business (SMB)

✔ Outsourced bookkeeping for CPAs and Accounting Firms

✔ Listed companies and private companies

✔ Accounting and finance services


The Future is Already Here

TopOffShores connects the Matrix between excellent, top professional, highly educated and motivated offshore CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers, and companies in the US, UK, Australia, Europe and other countries, to provide you with end-to-end, state of the art outsourced bookkeeping and accounting and support your business growth and success.

We support you with comprehensive solutions, tailored to your business and geography localization layer, from the definition stage, through the recruitment process, onboarding, customer support and single focal point, professional supervision, and full range of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, taxation and finance management roles and services.

Which types of business usually outsource their bookkeeping & accounting services ? ​

In todays global economy, businesses of all sizes outsource their accounting and bookkeeping to enjoy the numerous and growing advantages of outsourcing, including the significant lower costs, the flexibility the focus on the core business, the diversity, the reduction and spread of risks, and many more advantages. Small businesses may outsource the entire accounting and bookkeeping services, while larger corporates and listed companies will usually retain the senior roles in-house (CFO / Head-of-Finance, Corporate Controller and other Headquarter senior terms members) and outsource the bookkeeping, accounting and other finance teams and back-office functions, under the management of such senior in-house finance managers.

We at TopOffShores analyze and define with you the best method and solution for your company, set the road-map and work closely with you to build and deploy the excellent, state-of-the-art offshore outsourced bookkeeping and accounting team, tailored to your business, and support and manage it by our professionals, to cut more than 50-70% of your costs, and ensure your business success.


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